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Monday, March 31, 2008

One of my fish came back from the dead. My brother had bought a couple new saltwater fish for his tank (the one that I’m taking care of while he’s away for the army) and there was this one really pretty bright pink and yellow one and I hadn’t seen the little bugger for about 5 days so, I assumed the bigger fish, the Dragon Wrasse, had killed it. But then yesterday I was walking past the tank and low-and-behold, I see a little pink face peeking out from behind a rock and I was like, holy crap! It lives!! I was glad since saltwater fishies are not cheap and it was really pretty and cute so I’m glad it had just been hiding all this time. I guess it was just too shy at first.XD

So, Friday night, Tyler, Phil, and I went to our friend, Jonesy’s house since he was visiting for the weekend. He stays at his mom’s house when he comes to visit and his mom, who we call ‘Moog’, is the coolest mom ever. She’s half Japanese so she made us a bunch of Japanese food. She made sushi, which I’m not a big fan of but she had some with no fish in it and those tasted good. Tyler had brought over a Japanese zombie movie called, Wild Zero which stars the Japanese rock band, Wild Wolf…yeah, never heard of them either.
But the best part of this movie was, the main character Ace falls in love with this girl named Tobio and they were kissing and stuff and she took off her clothes and that’s when you learn…Tobio was a dude!!! lol! Well, Ace FREAKS out but then the lead member of the Wild Wolf band would come out of nowhere and yell, “Rock and Roll has no discrimination whether it’s race, gender, or beliefs!!!” So, Ace is all like, “Yeah, he’s totally right! Rock and ROLLLLLL!!!” and he turns gay in the end! lol! I was like, “Tyler! What kind of movie did you pick out?!!” And Tyler goes, “I don’t know!!! But since it turns yaoi, do you want a copy?” lol! He knows I have a thing for pretty boy love.XD

I’ve been working on a Naruto comic forever but keep getting side-tracked so today I shall work on it and try and get as much done as possible! *pounds desk*
Picture of the Day comes from Code Geass:

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