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Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Thanks for all the comments in my last post. I have saved them. I’m going to wait a little bit though before sending them or anything though because I want to give Adam and the staff time to finish all the things they want to update among theOtaku and myOtaku. I got some really nice and detailed responses which I think is key, so thanks to all those who responded!!

Well, with Worlds, I figured out how to do a few things…but the whole thing that was said about BBCoding being accepted isn’t really true. What should have been said was only Otaku’s specially formatted BBCoding would be accepted. I found a whole bunch of great BBCoding sites and NONE of those codes work. After talking to my buddy, SessLover18, I come to find that that’s because BBCoding was pretty much blocked…except for the choice codes that Worlds provides in the backroom. LAME!!! So, we’re pretty much stuck with being able to have one picture and one video per post and that’s it. No music at all.:-(

Trying to be on a happier note, I got Super Smash Bros. Brawl today! I love it! I was a big fan of Melee and Brawl is similar except the obvious, like the graphics are better, some additional characters, etc. The music is so awesome! I have my Wii plugged into my Surround Sound…oh man, it’s great with all that orchestra/opera music blaring through.XD The adventure mode is so much fun! They did it a lot better in Brawl since it truly is…like a whole other game but with the same basis of Brawl in that you still beat other people up.XD I played Link first through the arcade since Link was my main man in Melee and he’s still just as awesome:

But surprisingly, my fave character to play so far is the newbie, Pit! He’s great! He has the double sword that can become a bow and he can fly!

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