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Saturday, March 8, 2008

Okay myO members listen up…I know I’m not the only one who is upset about the fact that myO has now been separated from theO. I had the impression, that us original myO members would still be part of the new Version Vibrant…but that’s obviously not the case. Seeing as how I can’t even view my PM’s unless I’m on Worlds. I, along with many other myO people had the impression that when Vibrant was launched, myO was going to be upgraded but that’s obviously not the case…it appears like we are being ditched. I was very upset when I read on Adam’s blog saying that he will no longer be updating on myO but that we would have to visit his World’s account to read his posts. I know I’m not alone when I feel like we are being ditched. WE are the ORIGINAL the Otaku members…WE are what made The Otaku popular and to practically force us myO people to make a World’s site…I just don’t agree with it. I have been fiddling with my World’s account for some time…I don’t like that it’s so impersonal now…Otaku Worlds now looks like every other blogging site…like live journal and my space. What I loved about this site was that the members could make sites that were a reflection of themselves. It’s nice that Adam kept myO up but nothing with myO is being linked to Vibrant, the comment boxes are still horrid, and our backroom has had so much removed from it.
I do want to state that I think theOtaku with Vibrant looks wonderful...I really like the reply features and such and the galleries looks great. I just wish the cool features applied to Worlds could have been applied to myO instead.

I’m good buddies with myO member, Sesslover18…she is a graphic design queen and even SHE can’t customize her World’s site besides a background image. That’s pathetic…I wish html was still accepted and I have been tinkering with my Worlds account since it was launched and I still can’t figure it out. More-so, it has become obvious that anything to customize your World’s account has been blocked. I think the upgrade looks GREAT for theO alone but I don’t like that he’s separated the site from myO. I already know some people are leaving this site all together because of this.

So, pretty much myOtaku ladies and gents, I want you guys to comment on my post, saying what you feel about the Worlds account. If you don’t like it, explain why, if you do like it, also say why...be as specific as you can because I, along with a few other myO members are compiling the feelings of the myO people to pass onto Adam so hopefully, he will still associate the new Otaku with myOtaku because I feel like we are being thrown out which I don’t think is right. To change the blogging sites from something everyone loved to something so plain feels like a step backwards. I love Vibrant for what it’s done with the look of the main pages but don’t change myO…it was perfect the way it was.

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