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Friday, March 7, 2008

I got my hair done the other day. It looks awesome…got blonder highlights along with dark brown streaks and since my hair is long, she dyed the bottom/under part of my hair dark brown so the blonde over top…of man, looks so cool. I got it styled differently too…I should just take a picture since I can’t explain it. lol! People at work loved it…they said I had celebrity hair now.XD

So today, one of the cashiers I work with, named Jenn, comes up to me and says, “I’m supposed to ask you if you have a boyfriend or not.” And I’m like, O_o….followed by, “Oooookay, who asked?” And she asked if I had seen the guy who was with her boyfriend the other day at the casino, I hadn’t and she says, “Well, that’s a friend of my boyfriends whose nickname is ‘Boots’ and he asked me to get the number from the ‘hot chick in the window.’” lol! Well, I am behind a window since I’m behind the cashiers and I’m the one who keeps track of the money going in and out to them but she said he’s a really nice guy and she gives me his myspace page so I could check him out. So I did and he is so CUTE!!! Oh man, tall and skinny and a pretty boy…just how I like ‘em! And in the pictures on his space I found out a bit about him that I liked, he’s plays the guitar, he likes video games and the Wii, he is obsessed with ‘Family Guy,’ and the coolest part…he knows how to use swords and collects them! I think a guy with a sword is so hot.XD XD I gave Jenn my number to give to him and she was so excited because she said he is one of those guys that all the chicks love but don’t date because he’s always considered, ‘just a friend.’ So, we’ll see if he calls me since I’d like to get to know him. I guess my new hair-doo is working already.^_~

A Random Amusing Thought:
A wish when I was born my first words had been, ‘Quote’, so when I’m laying on my death bed and about to die, my final words could be, ‘End Quote.’

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