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Monday, February 25, 2008

It’s amusing how people go into panic if their internet crashes. Mine crashed last night and although, I was looking forward to relaxing while browsing pictures, videos, and games.. I have so many hobbies that I didn’t flip-out. I baked some snickerdoodle cookies and then I ended up reading 3 mangas while watching Beetlejuice in the background.XD I was going to draw, but I was too tired and drawing when you’re exhausted is not a good idea. The internet was back up today so it’s all good.^^

One of my boys, Gavin is moving to Colorado. *sniff* None of us really agree with him doing this for many reasons that I’d need like, 3 posts to fully explain. What makes us worry is that 1)He doesn’t have a job lined up, 2)He doesn’t have a place to live yet, and 3)The person he wants to live with is the epitome of a free-loading bum who takes advantage and mooches off other people. I gave Gavin 6 months before he moves back…everyone else gave him 2-3 months before he realizes he should have thought things through a little more.
But anyway, we threw Gavin a going away party full of food and drinks and plenty of entertainment. We mostly sat around and told stories and had quite the philosophical discussions that are amusing to ponder…which we usually do when alcoholic beverages are introduced...i.e. when we got into the debate on which was more likely, Transformers or Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.XD We tend to watch bad movies to pick on them but this time, we watched the Looney Tunes Golden Edition and we were laughing so hard. It’s amazing how creative and amusing those cartoons really were…especially when you’re older and can appreciate them fully. We then read the back of the box and it says along the bottom, ‘May not be suitable for children.’ HA! Looney Tunes WAS a kid’s show but now with all the censors and retarded parents, we get crap kid shows like Dora the Explorer which the animation alone makes my head hurt they are so cheaply and poorly done. I’m glad I grew up with the age of Animaniacs, Tiny Toons, DuckTales, Darkwing Duck, etc. etc. since I think those were the last of the truly good cartoons aimed for kids…but they were also good for adults too.

Sorry, I blabbed a lot…I could debate for hours why kid’s shows suck these days but I’ll shut-up.XD
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