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Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Well, the thing that no one will think will happen happened to me today. My debit card number was stolen and my bank account was wiped out. Everything I have been working for and saving for the past 3 years…is gone. All gone. I got a call from my bank saying they shut off my debit card when they saw that someone from Switzerland was trying to order something with my card. I then asked them what transactions were done in the past few days….$3000 here, $1800 there, $1500 somewhere else, $100’s of dollars more, $1000 dollars again…all my hard work…ALL my hours and years of work gone in the matter of a couple days. To say the least, I was hysterical. I called my parents and they came and picked me up. I was in such hysterics…I was ready to do things that I’d never consider doing in my life. They brought me home to keep an eye on me. My dad called the manager of the bank and he told my dad to tell me to try and cheer up…they’d help me in every way possible to fix things. I’m meeting with him tomorrow morning to see if my money can be returned to me. It seems like it’s a possibility and we know he will help us as much as he can because he is friends with my parents (one of the advantages of living in a small town) and he’d try and make things right again. Either way, it will still cost me money but hopefully, I can get most of my money back.

I’m still in shock. I really am. I feel like I’m in a dream…I have nothing right now. I just moved to a new apartment to try and start a new life and then to find some sleazebags stole everything I’ve worked for for all these years…is so un-real. I no longer can pay my rent, my bills, even money to fill my gas tank to get to work. Thank goodness for my parents who are here for me. Although we’ve had problems, they are here to help and I truly appreciate that. So, I may not be able to comment on people’s sites for awhile but I’ll try to keep my spirits up and keep you guys informed.

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