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Monday, February 4, 2008

Well, the Giants won the Superbowl which made quite a few people at my casino happy…heard all the hoops and hollers from the sports bar and then guys wearing Giant jersey’s were running around yelling, bumping chests…all that macho testosterone stuff. 3 of the girls I was working with that night were Giants fans so they were all yelling too. I laughed with them but as you guys know, I don’t like football so it really didn’t matter to me.XD

Be prepared for Elves is going to talk politics! Dun Dun Dun…I’ve been seeing a few Otaku people saying which candidates they like and majority of them said, Obama. To start off, I hate Oprah with a deified passion. People think she’s such a god but I see little things she does that proves she’s just a power hungry woman who wants lots of praise and money for all her good deeds. When I saw Oprah backing up Obama that made me...well, dislike Obama! lol! But I saw this special on the news where a news team went to S.Carolina University and asked people which candidate they were going to vote for. Majority of them said Obama and when asked why, and to start, I’m NOT a racist person but…most of the students said they were going to vote for Obama because he was black. Wait…HUH? What?! What does *that* have to do with the kind of goals Obama has if he’s president?! Then, it was that same news team that had these people do a test in which they were asked what kind of things they look for in a president and when the results were given back to the students, it was about 72% of them, matched more with Hilary Clinton! To say the least, they were really surprised but that just proves that you can’t always judge a person by their outside! If you’re going to vote for our PRESIDENT…do the research!! Don’t just go by what everyone else says, really think about it. I know I will when I vote! (and to state, I still haven’t decided who I’m voting for. lol!)

Sorry for the long post! I’m shuttin’ up.
Picture of the Day is a Fruits Basket fan art done by artist, ElaineX on DA…I love the way she kept her own style. Yuki looks scrumptious:

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