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Sunday, February 3, 2008

I�m still cranky today�I think a part of it is this non-stop cloudy/crappy weather. That�s always a downer when every day has that dark horror movie gloom.

I went shopping today which I thought would help�it was really crowded though so that irritated me more.XD I bought 3 new books at B&N. I got the 2nd set of The Vampire Diaries as well as another book of a series I love and another book I�ve never heard of but it�s going to be made into a movie soon and it sounded really really interesting. There was some school speech thingy-mahoogy going on at B&N so it was packed. I wanted to check out the manga section but there were too many free-loaders hogging the aisle�you know, the people who plop themselves in the way and read mangas without buying them. I used to hate those kids when I worked at B&N in NYC. They wouldn�t move for anything�especially not for people who may actually, you know want to BUY the mangas. And another reason why I prefer to order my mangas then buy them off the shelves�most have already been touched and ruined by kids with greasy little fingers.
And then a couple girls, like maybe 13 or 14 nearly got themselves run over when they almost ran in front of my car without looking both ways in the parking lot. One girl was pulled back by the other and she screamed bloody murder when she saw she almost walked out in front of me. Freakin� idiot. She needs to pay attention�glad her friend was though.>_<

I�m watching Coyote Ugly on BRAVO�never have seen it before and it�s actually pretty decent.
Picture of the Day comes from Tsubasa Chronicles:

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