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Friday, February 1, 2008

I forgot to mention in my last post something else my kitty, FuzzButt did while visiting my parents:
At one point, we didn�t know where he went so I was by the couch and started calling for him, just �FuzzButt! FuzzButt!! Where�d you go?!� Suddenly, I feel this *twak twak twak* on my foot and it scared the crap out of me! I look down, and there�s a little white paw sticking out from under the couch trying to bat at me some more. That little stinker! Hiding under the couch knowing I was looking for him. Feh!
And speaking of cats, one of my supervisors sent me an email with a hilarious cat video in it. I found it on youtube and you should all watch it. I was in tears I was laughing so hard�especially the ending.XD XD But if you�ve ever had a cat, you can totally relate and if not, well, it�s funny anyway!:

So, I�m reading a book called, The Vampire Diaries and as I�m reading it I�m just thinking, �man, this is SUCH a rip-off of the Twilight series!� Later that evening, one of my supervisors sees what I�m reading and she goes, �Oh wow! I remember reading those books when I was in early high school!� She�s a little older then me�like maybe 27 or 28 and I said, �This book? Are you sure?� Because I had just bought it at B&N a few weeks ago and she says, �oh yes, I loved that series�just check the copyright date.� So I look and sure enough, this book had originally been printed in 1991!! I guess they re-released it seeing how popular vampire books are getting lately. So yeah, I originally thought The Vampire Diaries was a rip-off of Twilight but now I�m thinking Twilight is a rip-off of these books! lol!

Picture of the Day comes from Trinity Blood�I love it�s style and I think they use traditional medium too! It looks like they used guash paints:

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