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Monday, January 28, 2008

If you haven�t seen my newest drawing, I�d appreciate it ever-so much if you could take a look and comment^_^...and thanks to those who already did! I got quite a few comments on this one! I guess cuteness wins, neh?XD:

I need to rant�today, one of the security guards that I work with asked me who my favorite football team was. I told him that I don�t watch football and therefore, don�t have a favorite team. He seemed amazed that I don�t like football�I really reeeeeeeally can�t stand that sport. I try to watch it and find myself bored to tears. It�s so much milling around and hey, let�s line up, tackle someone, line up again, oh wait, have to take another time-out, line up, fumble, line-up, commercial, line-up, oh my let�s watch that play again for 5 minutes. Argh! Not to mention�and I know I�ll probably offend some people so I apologize in advance�it seems like a lot of boneheads play football. It reminds me of that Simpsons episode where Lisa was worried that stupidity runs in the family and as she�s looking out her bedroom door, you see Homer and Bart with 2 pots on their heads run at each other, knock themselves down, and then giggle like lunatics. Football reminds me of that. Just watching dudes ram into each other�lol! That sounds so dirty!XD XD
But anyway, back to my original story, I tell the guard I don�t have a fave team and he says, well, name one anyway. So I just throw out Miami Dolphins�the only team I sorta kinda know since that team was in AceVentura: Pet Detective and after I said that, he got all offended saying he couldn�t believe I�d favor the dolphins and I�m like�okay, what part of I.Don�t.Like.Football.Nor.Watch.It did you not understand? I hate when people ask a question then get all upset when you don�t answer what they wanted to hear. I think he�s a Patriots fan and was expecting me to say them. Feh! That�s like me asking someone who their favorite artist is and they would say they don�t know art but I�d tell them to name someone off anyway and then getting upset that they didn�t choose my fave artist. It just doesn�t make sense!! *bonks forehead*

Picture of the Day comes from Inuyasha:

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