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Monday, January 21, 2008

My internet went down Sunday and most of Monday. No idea why but when I came home it was working again. One of the wonders of technology…or it was probably since the couple living below me have the cable router in their apartment and it just needed a reboot or something. Either way, nice to have it back again!^_^

I was reminiscing today at work…how many of you guys remember my old manager when I worked at Barnes & Noble who was nicknamed Kakashi Dave? I was thinking of the things he used to do and it got me cracking up…I know I used to tell tales of his deeds in my posts and he was many people’s hero. I thought I’d go back and share the tale that lead to his nickname, Kakashi Dave…some may remember when this happened:
I come into work one day and Dave comes up to me and says, You HAVE to come and watch this surveillance tape! And I’m just like…oooookay, so I follow him into the back office and he shows me this tape. Well, apparently, we had this customer awhile ago that got himself banned from our B&N store because he was looking up the skirts of young girls. Well, that morning, the guy tried to come back into the store and was confronted by Dave and Dave told him he had to leave…and this is where I get to see the surveillance tape. You see Dave talking to this guy and then suddenly, the customer takes a swing at him!!! Dave leans back and the guy misses and while that guy loses his balance, Dave grabs him and shoves him into a rack and then gets the guy swung around so he’s facing the front doors. Dave pushes the guy through the doors and then literally kicks his ass onto the sidewalk. LOL! Oh man, Dave just thought he was the coolest cat after that…and that customer never came back.XD
So yes, that was the moment that my manager was nicknamed Kakashi Dave…I’m pretty sure LordSesshomaru came up with that title.^^ I’ll have to re-tell some other tales of Kakashi Dave in the future, I think. He was just the coolest manager and I miss him!!

It was bloody cold today!!!! Brrrrrrrrr!!! 0 degrees and negative who-knows-what windchill. My wittle face felt like it was going to freeze off.
Picture of the Day comes from Inuyasha:

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