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Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Okay, what is the deal with the totally un-creative, lame titles of movies lately? I see a preview for a new movie called, The Eye, and then at the theaters I see a poster for a movie called, The Happening and wasn’t there just a movie that came out called, The Call? I mean…what the?...I find myself laughing when the titles for these movies pop up because they’re so incredibly lame sounding. Those writers need to go to a title naming class…or something.>_>

Ever finish reading a book thinking it was the last book in a series only to find out that there’s more? Twilight did that to me since I thought it was a trilogy but…nope, there’s more. I just finished 4 books all in the same series and I thought the 4th was the final book…judging by the way this book ended, it’s just beginning and I’m like….AHHHH! But in this case, it’s not a bad thing because this series is so incredibly awesome and I love the characters. It’s in the This Witch For Hire series by Kim Harrison. These books have everything a fantasy lover would want…vampires, witches, werewolves, pixies, and my personal favorite…the elves! And not the Keebler elves…the Tolkien tall, hot elves.XD My personal favorite character though isn’t even the elf though, it’s the pixie named Jenks. He is so freakin’ funny…he coins phrases like “Tink’s titties, what are you doing?!” And “Fairies’ panties, don’t talk to me like that!” *snort* Yeah, these books are meant for adults and it takes place in an alternate universe/modern day type thing. I’ll have to see if more of the series is out…but yeah, check them out if you like that kind of stuff because they’re awesome!

I’m finally finished setting up my apartment. *phew* One of my frames wont stay up on the wall though! *shakes fist at it*
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