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Monday, January 14, 2008

I’m pimping my NeoPet. Heehee! Got Kisten_Luv a spiffy background and a fashionable potato sack to wear.XD A lot of outfits they have on NeoPets wont work for mine…I think since Kisten_Luv is an Ogrin and that’s one of the “new” breeds on the site. Like I had said, I had only joined the site because we have tons of downtime at work and I saw my supervisor playing on the site so I joined too. She told me she’s been on the site for over 4 years! Sheesh! But if you’re on the site, mail me! My username is YakkoAteMyRamen…I’m still peeved someone stole my Elves’ username.>_<

So, we celebrated my friend, Tyler’s birthday yesterday. We went to a Japanese restaurant called Fuji San and sat at a Hibachi table. The guy came out and put on quite a show for us…throwing his knives around, setting things on fire plus, it was eye-candy for me since he was young and cute!XD XD I don’t like sushi but my last visit to a sushi place I had gotten the Naruto Maki (of course, only got is since it had Naruto in the title) and it was really good! They had pretty much the same dish at this restaurant, so I got it and it tasted awful. I hate fish SO much and the Naruto Maki I had gotten in NYC didn’t taste like fish at all but this one at Fuji San’s did. Bleck. I forced down a couple of them and then gave the rest to my boys. Luckily, Tyler got a great dish from the Hibachi grill and he gave me almost all his food since he already got soup and salad and stuff so he was full.
We then came back to my new apartment since they all wanted to see it. They couldn’t believe how big it was…and clean. lol! My boys are shocked at the concept of cleanliness. We then went to the theaters and saw the movie, Juno. It was really good! It had the randomness and humor that my boys and I enjoy.

I FINALLY have a day off from work. I need to finish a few things with my apartment plus I need to get back into working on the characters for that website. I’m so far behind! *weeps*
Picture of the Day comes from Code Geass:

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