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Thursday, January 10, 2008

Hee! Hee!
Well, I’m all moved into my new apartment…well, kinda. I just need to hang up my artworks and posters and animation cels now. That’s the fun stuff.^^ The actual move went well…all my stuff was nice and light because I’ve got LOADS of books and papers and other heavy things, but I packed them well so no one box was too heavy that my Dad or I wouldn’t be able to carry easily. I was happy to see the internet works great! I just had to get the password from the people who live below me (they own the actual building). They’re both very nice…a young married couple, both teachers. They’re going to be moving out in a couple of months though so I asked my friend, Tyler if he was interested in their apartment and he seemed very interested so that would be awesome if my best friend could live below me!

The only downfall is that my kitty, FuzzButt is not with me. FuzzButt technically isn’t even my cat, he belongs to my mom…even though it’s painfully obvious FuzzButt loves me most. *grins* I’m sure I would be allowed to have a kitty in my apartment since it’s big enough but I’m not home very much. I work 10 hour days and including the 35 min drive there and back, I’m gone about 11 hours a day which isn’t fair to a pet leaving it alone all that time. Cats are pretty good about being left but FuzzButt doesn’t like to be alone very much and my parents are both retired so there’s almost always someone home to give him attention. So yeah, only my bro’s saltwater fishes and my 2 ancient goldfishes will be my pets…that and my new NeoPet. lol! But I can always swing home to visit FuzzButt whenever I want. I plan on stopping by the house Friday to pick up some more stuff and to pet FuzzButt and our doggy, Harley.^_^

My bro won full custody of Harley from his psycho ex-wife and pretty much he wants to give us Harley and he’s going to just keep his new puppy, Lexi. Which is fine by my parents because they like Harley very much, especially my dad. She’s a sweetie and watching FuzzButt attack Harley is so stinkin’ funny.XD
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