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Friday, January 4, 2008

I finally caved and got myself a NeoPets account.XD Above is my NeoPet. Isn’t he so CUTE?! *pinches him* I named him Kisten_Luv…the name of one of my fave characters from a book series I’m reading. Kisten, in the book, is a vampire, lol! But I like the name.^^I mostly got an account because my supervisor at work has an account and was playing it at work and it looked like a lot of fun. My username on there is YakkoAteMyRamen…someone stole my Elves’ username! ARGH, that ticks me off. Unoriginal schmos who can’t think of their own names so they steal other people’s…*grumbles to myself*

So, my brother is moving out of his apartment on Sunday so on Monday I’m going to start moving in. For those who missed that post, my brother is being recruited to New Jersey for a year (he’s a drill sergeant and he’s the one who trains the soldiers who often go to Iraq), so he offered me his apartment. I’m not living there for free though, I still have to pay the monthly rent but my bro is being super awesome and is going to pay for my electricity and gas bill! WOOT! That’ll save me about $150 a month. He’s going to pay for it in exchange that I take care of his fish. lol! I can handle that…they are salt water fish though and are hard to keep alive but I’m pretty good with fish…I have 2 goldfish that are almost 9 years old!! The apartment comes with free cable and Road Runner internet! Double WOOT! Plus, it’s a split house so the entire top floor is all mine so I don’t have to worry about noisy neighbors and it’s on a dead-end street so no traffic either.^_^ I hate moving though…it’s such a hassle. Luckily my bro is keeping his furniture there so I don’t have to move really heavy things.

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