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Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Happy New Year, everyone! I must say that this year has been rather good to me. From being asked to be a guest artist at the NY Anime Fest and then winning the fan manga contest so my work will be published to just recently doing characters for a website…can’t complain. Of course this year had its mighty crappy moments but meh, such is life so I look forward to whatever 2008 throws at me!

I had the day off today and spent majority of it working on the website thingy. For those who don’t know, I was asked to draw characters for a website called, Cartoon Doll Emporium which is basically an avi/paper doll creating site and they asked me to draw anime characters for them and the first anime characters they asked me to draw were the cast from Fruits Basket! I’m starting with Kisa since I can think of a million and one costumes to draw for her. I started with drawing her in her undies and then I drew the clothes that you can place over her on the website. I only have one more outfit to draw but then I have to color them and such so it’ll be awhile before it’s all done. But I think the outfits are coming out great so far if I do say so myself.XD

My kitty, FuzzButt was going nuts today! We have a stink bug in our house (they’re completely harmless but they stink bad if you squish them) and they fly too so FuzzButt was having a ball chasing after it. Luckily he didn’t catch it and eat it or he’d had quite the foul taste in his mouth. And then later, I saw FuzzButt’s shadow around the corner of our fireplace (he likes to hide there and leap at you when you’re not paying attention) and so as I rounded the corner, I lurched at him and went, “BAH!!” lol! Oh man, he must have leapt 5 feet in the air and his face after was just, “WTF was that?!?!”
Picture of the Day comes from Ouran High School Host Club…the rare shot of Nekozawa without all his dark clothing on!:

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