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Friday, December 28, 2007

I’ve been recently addicted to a new show. And it’s a genre I’ve never watched before…ever! It’s a Japanese drama! As in, live-action .XD When visiting NYC a few weeks ago, my friend, Sena told me I should check out these Japanese dramas and I instantly was like, bleck because I associate “drama” with the American soap operas but, I don’t tend to shun anything until I try it so she had me watch clips from some of her fave J-dramas and I was hooked. I came home and instantly downloaded a show called, Hana Yori Dango which is Japanese for Boys Over Flowers…some may recognize that name because this is the live-action version of that anime/manga! It is so…freakin’…good!!!

I downloaded a spiffy DVD ripper so I could compress the video and upload it onto youTube just to show you guys a clip from the show. To give a quick summary of the show, it takes place at a high-class/expensive school in which there are 4 worshipped guys called F4. They’re super wealthy and if you do something to tick them off, you get red flagged….meaning, the students at the school are allowed to terrorize you prior to the “king”, named Tsukasa Domyouji beating you up. The show follows the “poor girl” at the school named, Makino Tsukushi who is very quiet and shy but she has a history of beating up anyone who upsets her or any of her friends. In the 1st episode, her only friend at the school gets red flagged and when Domyouji starts harassing her, Tsukushi sticks up for her which ticks Domyouji off so now Tsukushi gets red flagged and is terrorized throughout the entire episode but she doesn’t do anything about it. Until the end…and that’s where this clip comes in and it’s such a great moment I was like YES!!! The clip is about 4 minutes long but it’s totally worth watching…and gomen, the clip is high-quality but the original format was wide-screen and this got kinda stretched and shrunk since I was a bozo but you can still see it fine^^:

YES! She just SLUGGS him and because she’s the first one to ever stand up to him like that, besides his sister, he falls in love with her! lol! But then, the cute guy who is smiling down at her in the clip, his name is Rui and a member of F4 and she falls in love with him because he was the only person who was nice to her. DomyouJi and Rui are so much like Kyou and Yuki from Fruits Basket, it’s scary..except those 2 are best friends and Yuki and Kyou obviously aren’t. But Domyouji is more likable in my mind then Kyou ever was.XD

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