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Tuesday, December 25, 2007

I hope everyone has a nice Christmas! We celebrated out Christmas on the 24th because thatís the only time my family could make it. I have to work tonight on Christmas. Kinda peeves me off because my boss has made me work every major holiday this entire yearÖmostly since Iím young and donít have kids, therefore it must mean my time with family is less important. *grumbles to self* Anyway, I didnít get much for Christmas since I already got my birthday/x-mas gift which was my laptop. Well, I should say, I paid for most of my own laptop but my parents gave me cash for how much they would have spent on me for birthday and Christmas. So, I really only got gift cards from my sibs since thatís what we always get each other. lol!

Well, I hope everyone has a nice holiday! My bro brought over his puppy, Lexi and again, her and my kitty FuzzButt were chasing each other around the house. It was very amusing.XD

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