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Saturday, December 22, 2007

Thanks for all the happy birthday greetings! ‘Tis appreciated! Yeah, I just got back from seeing Sweeney Todd with my boys. It was awesome! Then again, I’m a big Tim Burton fan so I’m used to that style…interesting seeing him do a musical too…I mean, besides using clay animations and such.XD Johnny Depp was great…as usual. Hee! What’s interesting is that Depp refused any kind of professional voice lessons because he thought going to a voice coach would take away from how he wanted to portray the character, so he self-taught himself by recording himself singing and listening to it to try and teach himself. I tell ‘ya, I wish I could sound that good by teaching myself! I’m downloading the soundtrack now…maybe in my next post I’ll post a sampler of him singing so people can hear him.

A lot more people showed up to my b-day celebration then I thought would. I thought it was going to just be my main boys which are Tyler, Phil, and Gavin…but the group ended up consisting of some of my other pals I don’t see as often which were Steve, Lauren, Kristen, Jim, and Rick! We had to take 2 cars to the theaters and then we went to Outback for dinner. They all paid for me which was dandy. We all then came back to my house and talked and then played Pictionary. I know, we’re such bad-asses. Some of the drawings that people do are just plain hilarious…Rick got the word, “Bend” and…well, he drew a very explicit drawing but he can’t draw worth crap so it was just that much more funny.XD

I got some nice gifts too! Tyler got me Legend of Zelda: Phantom Hourglass for my DS as well as he burned me Adobe Creative Suite 3 which has every Adobe program in it including Photoshop CS 3 and Premier! WOOT! I got some other cool gifts like Dane Cook CD/DVD as well as some nice Lord of the Rings graphic novels. It was a nice day but I’m beat so off to bed!

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