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Monday, December 17, 2007

Hi everyone! I finished a new drawing! I did this drawing for my pal, Ikyuu Nyuu Kon because she sent me almost 30 CD's full of Prince of Tennis goodies! So, I did this drawing as a thank you gift and will be sending her the original of it. Eiji (with red hair) is my fave character and Kaoru (with green bandana) is her fave so yeah...drew them together! If you could please comment on it, I'd be ever-so appreciative:

We had a monster of a snow storm Thursday...even the casino I worked at closed down! That place closes down for nothing! Well...except for un-drivable roads, I suppose. We had a bad snow storm again today but the casino didn't close this time. We only had a max of 40 people on the gaming floor which is suuuuuper slow. By midnight, there were zero people on the floor besides the workers. Wish we could have been sent home early but meh.

My kitty, FuzzButt got neutered last week.XD He came home all bug eyed with this look of, "WTF HAPPENED?!" But he was fine and he's still the same 'ol trouble-making FuzzButt. We put out tree up that day too and FuzzButt was going nuts with the boxes and playing with the bulbs. My dad kept yelling at him but he doesn't listen. Arrogant little thing he is. I got a picture of him under the tree though...you can tell he's scheming something...

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