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Friday, December 14, 2007

So, I got my friend, Sena (as well as Bed-stuy) hooked on the Japanese singer Gackt. Sena in return, got me hooked on another Japanese band called Kat-Tun. Oh man…a group full of live bishies! The avi up above are a couple from that band. Darn her getting me into more bishes! *shakes fist*

Oh yeah, at the Anime Fest last weekend...my pals and I saw quite the interesting site…interesting and weird all at once. It was a dude cosplaying as Naruto and he had a girl dressed in a school girl’s outfit, sitting on top of him and hard-core making out with him! We saw it as we were going up the escalators and I just jabbed Sena and was like, “Alright, am I the only one disturbed by that?” And her reply when seeing what I was referring to was just, “….WTF?!” lol! Then later, I go up to Angel to tell her what we had seen and I started with, “Hey Angel, Sena, Kemmy and I saw something really disturbing going up the escalators,” and Angel interrupts with, “Oh my gawd, was it the Naruto guy?!” Haha! It was just…weird! Bad Naruto! Bad!

So, one of the main highlights with going to any anime convention is all the awesome anime goodies you can collect! I took some pictures of some of my stuff I got. This picture is mostly mangas, doujinshis, and artworks I bought there…some of those were free!

This next picture is of 2 of my fave artworks I bought…I already hung them up but plan on framing them. They were done by 2 different artists who were both very nice. The top one is Kaoru and Hikaru from Ouran and I like the bottom one because if you look closely, that dude has bunny ears and tail! I said it was a psycho Momiji:

This last one is just a bunch of posters I collected. Most were free too! Gotta love free stuff! I’m particularly happy I got a Tenshi Ja Nai poster from the go!comi booth since that’s one of my fave mangas:

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