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Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Thanks for all the congrats in my last post! I still can’t believe my fan manga will be published in the back of a real manga! AH! And by go!comi! AH! I love go!comi’s mangas…Angel and I are big fans of their releases. I’m not sure when it will be published but I’ll of course let everyone know when I find out! I figure it will be published in the back of the Black Sun Silver Moon manga since that’s what the contest was based on. Great manga, by the way…and I’m not just saying that.XP

So yeah, there’s still a bagillion things I want to talk about with what happened at the NY Anime Fest but obviously, I wont since…well, a bajillion is a big number.XD Anywho, I got to meet a fellow Otaku member, Bed-stuy on Saturday! She came to my workshop and she said she thought there were over 100 people there and not 70 like Adam guessed. Sheesh! All I know is that I didn’t look up all that often since I was yakking into a mic and coloring my piece but every time I did look up, more people were there! But I’m glad it went well and it’s over. Phew!
It was great meeting Kemmy (Bed-stuy) and she stuck with us all day while we toured all the anime goodies. I think I turned both her and Sena (another girl who came with us) into a fellow fan girl over Gackt, the Japanese singer. At the con, they had an hour screening of Gackt’s music videos and boy, was it scrumptious.XD

I’ll wrap this post up for today and show what I promised which were my 2 fave cosplayer duo’s at the con. The first one is Light and L from Death Note. I love that Light carried an apple and that demon dude with him all day. And L was adorable! He walked around barefoot even!! And anyone who took his picture, he would give lollypops. I got a blue raspberry one. Yumm! Here they be:

The second one is the Roxas and Axel duo…just look at the picture and note the awesomness of their costumes…it was tough getting their picture though since as soon as they would pose people would leap out of everywhere to take their picture:

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