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Monday, December 10, 2007

Hiya everyone! For all those who asked in my last post what was in the Naruto Maki sushi I ate...it was spicy salmon wrapped in a cucumber with some other crap I don't remember in it. lol! All I know is, I hate sushi but that was delicious...and to think, I only got it because it had Naruto in the title!XD

Anywho, onto the new news...I WON THE FAN MANGA CONTEST!!!!! AHHHHHHHH!!!!!!! When they announced it at the con, I was shocked and it was Angel that snapped me out of it and then I started squeeling.XD I'm going to be published in the back of a real go!comi manga! AHHHH!
My coloring workshop went very well! It was a much bigger turn-out then I expected...Adam said over 70 people showed up! Cripes, I kept on seeing people come in but I couldn't really judge too well the approximent number. I sold some of my books too and later in the con, a girl came up to me and said she loved my workshop.^_^ She's on DA so I hope to chat with her on there.

Other then that the NY Anime Festival was a lot of fun! Saw loads of cosplayers and there were a couple really reeeeeeeally amazing ones. I got pictures of a wonderful Roxas and Axel duo as well as a Light and L duo. The L cosplayer stayed in character so well...he had a lollipop in his mouth the whole time and then he passed out lollies to the people taking pictures of him...he kept the L timidness too. I'll post those pictures the next time I update so you guys can see them.^_^

And I'm so sorry I couldn't get to any of your sites these past few days...I've been swamped! I probably wont update again till Wednesday or so since I'm still in NYC and am just borrowing Angel's laptop. However, I did read all the comments in my last post and the one before and I do remember those who visited me so I'll be visiting all of you upon my return! *MWAH!*

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