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Saturday, December 8, 2007

Hey everyone! Sorry for the small disappearing act...things got so hectic for me getting ready for the con that I didn't leave time for myself to update! I know, shame on me. Well, I'm in NYC now and am using my pal, Angel's laptop to make a quick update and summary of things so far.

Arrived here in the city Thursday night. Met Angel at the bus station and got a call from Adam asking if we wanted to go out for sushi. So, we went and that's where I met the lovely GiaPet who is a lot of fun to hang out with. I already had met Adam last year but it was great seeing him again.^^ I told Adam on our way that I had a confession to make...I don't like sushi! lol! But I hoped that he would take us somewhere that would change my mind. So, scrolling the menu I spotted this dish and knew I had to get it....why? Because it was called the Naruto Maki! Hee! And it was delicious!! Adam also had to teach me to use chopsticks because I'm not too handy with them.XD

Friday at the NY Anime Festival was fun!! I went around to the booths and handed out my books to people. It looked like a few good leads with a couple of them because they seemed to really like them. The lady at the go!comi booth saw my book and said, "You did the Fan Manga entry with the red cover, didn't you?!" I was like, YES! And she said she recognized my style and said she had loved my fan manga. That made me feel awesome since she was one of the main editors for go!comi.^_^
We picked up some good free stuff...some awesome posters that I was thrilled to get. I was part of Adam's panel along with Gia...not too many people showed up but I had no idea I had to sit up there with the panel group so that was a surprise for me from Adam. *glares*

So today is my workshop where I'll be showing people how I color my works. Hopefully, things will go well and I know my pal, Bed-stuy will be coming so that will be awesome to meet her!

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