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Monday, December 3, 2007

Wow, I got more comments Saturday then usual…usually weekends are slow too! And thanks for the compliments on my new theme! I got a lot of hidden fangirl squeals…chicks just dig Fai-kun! I don’t expect fangirl squeals from the dudes though…obviously.XP I’m glad people often say about my themes that they’re pretty without getting too complicated. Aye, there are just some sites that I go to that have so much advanced html stuff that the Otaku features don’t work properly. On many occasions, those sites have said, “please check out my fan art!” And I hunt….and I hunt….and I hunt and I can’t find a stinkin’ link anywhere because it’s buried somewhere or given a funky title besides “Portfolio” or “Fan Art” that I miss it!XD

So, I talked to Adam for my class this coming weekend at the NY Anime Festival, I mentioned having prizes of colored pencils and he thought that was a great idea. So, at the end of my class, we’re giving away 2 packs of Prismacolor Colored Pencils! And not just regular Prismas…Prisma PREMIERS!! Those are the super-expensive ones….they’re even better quality then the Prismas I use. lol! We’re giving away a pack of 24 and 36 and they come in spiffy tins and everything. It’s just a ploy to get people to come to my workshop. lol! Hey, I know I’d attend it if there was a chance of getting free Prismas! Everyone loves free stuff!XP

I’m stealing this from my Deviant Art journal…sorry for the few who have already seen it!....So, the other day, my kitty FuzzButt was on the dining room table...he knows he's not supposed to be on the dining room table so my dad sees him and yells, "GET DOWN!" So what did FuzzButt do? He laid down. lol! I was like, "Well, you didn't specify, Dad." And then today, my dad was vacuuming the floors and so he put the chairs up on the table. Well, like stated above, FuzzButt isn't allowed on the table but he is allowed on the chairs so FuzzButt jumps on the table and then jumps up onto the chairs so dad couldn't yell at him. Technically, he isn't on the table, neh? That cat is too smart for his own good. I got a picture of him in the act:

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