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Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Thanks to those who check out my new drawing! With this drawing and the idea of making an anime/manga version of Gilligan’s Island, my idea wasn’t to make it be EXACTLY like Gilligan’s Island and having the EXACT characters. More-so that it follows the similar story. The characters would follow the same as on Gilligan’s Island but be varied. So, for all those who were saying that Mary Ann isn’t a blonde…that’s kinda the point.XP It’s her without it being obviously her. But yeah, this is just an idea and whether I’ll continue with it and even start a manga of it, I dunno. lol! Here’s the drawing if you haven’t seen it:

Oh yeah, in my last post when I mentioned my #1 ranking, many asked how you can see your rank. If you’re in the Backroom of your site, on the left-hand side there’s a link that says, “Members List” and it’s listed there. I honestly, had no idea I was ranked #1 until I started getting all these PM’s and comments and GB’s from people telling me. And yes, I did actually get a GB entry that read, “I came to see the #1 ranked site…I don’t see what’s so special about it.” Gotta love these people that don't bother to see who the person is behind the site. Just the kind of people who I don’t add to my friend’s list.XD And why these people find the urge to leave GB’s like that? *shrug* Beats me…I think they’re just lonely, miserable people who want others to be lonely and miserable too. Sorry, doesn’t work on me! HA! I rarely look at my GB anymore. My focus goes on my friend’s who actually like me as a person, not some #1 ranked bozo on a list….I think I just dissed myself…Ha! I totally did.XD

Picture of the Day comes from Code Geass:

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