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Monday, November 26, 2007

YOU! Look at my fan art!
Hee! That gif is from the live-action version of the anime/manga, Princess Princess.XD But yeah, I really do have a new artwork up…it’s the drawing I’m going to be using as the “completed” piece for my class at the NY Anime Festival. More info on who the character is and stuff can be found in the artist statement under the drawing so if you could take a look and comment, I’d be very much obliged:

So, for those who may or may not know, I am now ranked as the #1 most popular Otaku member. I feel special.^_^ But the major downfall I’m already seeing is the amount of GB’s and PM’s I’m suddenly getting now which are pretty much, “Hey, why haven’t I been added to your friend’s list?! or “Hey, I signed your GB, why haven’t you signed mine?! or “Came to see the #1 ranked site…I don’t see what’s so special about it…” Garumph! Annoys me that people think that just because they signed your GB, that means they MUST be added to your friend’s list! I have over 1,700 GB entries…that would be one helluva long list if I just added anyone who dropped by my site! People who are on my list are on there because they are FRIENDS! There are some people who comment on my site that I still need to add but I tend to just visit them and comment on their posts and forget. lol! And the whole thing with people saying my site doesn’t appear that great…I think the ranking is due to how many comments and visits a member has received…not based on the quality of their site themselves. *bonks head* It’s already getting annoying. I like SessLover18’s idea, that you should have an option of only allowing people on your friend’s list to PM you.

Picture of the Day was made by Otaku friend, Ikyuu-Nyuu-Kon (check her wallpaper gallery for the full-sizer!) and it’s the live-action Eiji from Prince of Tennis alongside the anime character he plays. I think they do look alike, neh? Plus…I think he’s really cute…>_>

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