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Saturday, November 3, 2007

How is everyone's Saturday going? Mine is going very well. I got the sketch and line-art done for the image that will become the cover of my book. We thought it would be pretty cool to have the completed piece on the cover and for the back cover will be the sketch of the completed piece on the front. People are always interested in seeing "before and after" images. I'm going to start coloring it today!

And also, since I tend to get a different crew on Otaku on weekends then I do on the weekdays, if you haven't seen my entry for the fan manga contest, I'd be ever-so appreciative if you would:

I really enjoyed doing this fan manga so yes, I plan on doing more mangas but probably not with those characters but going back into my original manga story I had started with Estel and Leetha if you guys remember that little manga tidbit? I think I finally came up with a title for my manga! I was thinking of calling it Dancing Blades, what do you guys think?

Picture of the Day comes from Bleach:

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