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Friday, November 2, 2007

In my last post, I talked about the South Park episode that was an anime parody. I found a video on YouTube that has one of the best parts from that episode which is the �Let�s Fighting Love� battle. In the actual episode, when the song starts up, it�s just like in regular animes where you see Japanese text with random English versus in it, but in this clip, someone had actually translated the whole song and put that text on the top. It�s so funny and I think the anime version of Kenny looks like if Kakashi and Naruto had a baby.XD But yeah, I love this part and it�s worth watching for a good laugh�especially since we�re all anime fans here^_^:

My work schedule is all wonky this week. A coworker of mine got another job so my schedule is all over the place until they hire another banker for the casino. I have Today and tomorrow off! WOOT! But then I work Sunday and then have Monday off. Hmph! I dislike when my days off are split up but oh well, can�t do much about it.

Another cute Halloween-ish Code Geass picture:

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