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Monday, October 29, 2007

Wow, as many of you noticed, Otaku has been down all weekend. Bummer since I actually had this weekend off and was looking forward to browsing the site but alas, upgrades and problems did arise but Otaku seem to be moving really fast so that�s good!

The main reason I�m updating though is because I�ve uploaded my completed manga for the fan manga contest into my gallery and I would reeeeeeeeally appreciate you guys checking it out and commenting! I worked really hard on it and it was my first time using Manga Studio Ex, so it took me a long time to complete. The cover page was done like my other drawings, which was by hand using colored pencils but the actual manga pages was done on Manga Studio. So yeah, short post because I really would like you guys to check out my manga. You can just click the thumby below and it will open in a new window. Thank you!

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