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Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Today is my 3 year Otaku anniversary! Itís funny, the only reason why I joined this site 3 years ago was because I had done my first anime fan art and was looking for places to upload it to show to people and when I Googled ďanime fan artĒ this was one of the places that came up. So, I joined the site and uploaded my drawing and about 2 weeks later, I saw that you could make journal entries and stuff and it became an addiction from there. lol! So, this date not only marks my first day joining Otaku but also my first day attempting to draw anime since anime was still pretty new to me at that point. Madness!

So, we were watching videos on youtube at work again. lol! My supervisor is awesome. It was another slow night and my sup would rather watch videos online then to try and find work.XD XD But anyway, we ended up watching the show, Ghost Hunters for a few hours. For those who don't know the show, it's a real team of paranormal experts that go out and study real cases of hauntings and brings all these fancy gadgets to try and see if it's a true haunting or not. I was getting so scared and everyone was laughing at me because I kept covering my eyes! lol! I'm not a person who's scared by things like serial killers or vampires or something but throw ghosts in there and forget it. Movies like, The Poltergeist scare the bejeebers out of me.
We watched the Ghost Hunters episode in which they go to the Stanley Hotel, which is the hotel that Stephen King had stayed in and what had happed to him there, lead to him writing the book, The Shining. Oh my gosh, this episode was so scary!! There was this part where the guys were in an employee passageway and it's a long hallway and one of the guys yells, "Hello!" And a little girl's voice answers, "Hello?" AHHH! He yelled about 3 times and each time, within a few seconds, a little girl would answer and at one time, she giggled too. Keep in mind the hotel had no occupants in it other then the ghost hunters. And they kept on hearing piano music being played randomly as well. *shudder* A lot of things happened and when I get scared, my eyes tear up and it looks like I'm about to cry so everyone was laughing at me since I was all teary and goosebumpy while watching it. Good lord, I'm not going to be able to sleep tonight.

Anywho, my fan manga for the contest is going well. I got the 2nd page about Ĺ way done. My fan manga is going to be 3 pages and itís due November 1st so I think it wont be a problem having it done on time.
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