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Saturday, October 13, 2007

Sorry, I’ve been gone for the past few days but if you’re like me, you often don’t even notice. lol! I’ve been very busy working on my fan manga contest entry. I completed the first page just today…only have 2 more pages to go now! It was slow-moving just because I was still learning the Manga Studio Ex program but now I got it pretty figured out so the last few panels went a lot faster. I really like how the first page came out! I would show it to you guys but I want to wait until I finish the whole thing and upload the pages all at once. I think it helps with the story better then to upload things one page at a time.

So, it’s been bloody cold the past few days. Cold and raining. Great combo.>_< It’s been in the 40’s these past few days and I’ve already had to whip out my winter coat. People may say the 40’s isn’t that bad, well, it is when you just finished summer and had record high’s last week and then record lows the following week. Gotta love NY weather. 40’s will seem hot in a few months though once we get down to the teens and single digits in the winter months. I hate winter…hate cold love hot. I need to migrate somewhere warmer during the cold months like geese.
So, my kitty FuzzButt got into a bag of onions yesterday. lol! I heard something being banged around downstairs, so I go down and get into the kitchen and there’s onions everywhere! He was batting them around like a ball…ignoring all his toys we bought him and having a blast with a bag of onions. Go fig.

Amusing Quote of the Day:
“Sending someone a fruit basket is cool. It’s the only time you can send someone a bunch of fruit in the mail and not have them think you’re crazy….“Huh, 2 apples, what?!” But sending them in a basket… “Hey, these are in a basket. Nice.”
Picture of the Day comes from Fullmetal Alchemist:

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