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Saturday, October 6, 2007

Thanks a lot guys for your nice words about my manga sample in my last post! Many said they didn’t realize it was done by me until they read my post…they thought it was a scan from a manga. YAY! That makes me happy.^__^ <----see, happy face! The Manga Studio Ex program I used to make that is really awesome. People have to keep in mind though that the program just doesn’t “do” stuff for you. It’s a tool, just like a pencil or paint brush. Like, you have to show the program where you want a shadow or where to put the focus lines and even once you do that, you still have to tinker with the tones and draw the lines and all that. If you were to buy this program, it would cost $300….but I got it another way…*shifty eyes* It’s like Photoshop except it’s all for manga creation. ‘Tis cool.

So, we’re at war at my casino…a rubber band war! RAWR! You’ll be sitting there, minding your own business and suddenly you’ll be smacked with a rubber band. Feh! It’s funny because one of the cashiers said I only shoot them when their backs are turned, yet they wait to shoot me when I’m not paying attention or reading or something. There’s no difference! My supervisor taught me a great way to shoot a rubber band, which is to tuck it into your pinky, then wrap it around your hand till it extends to your pointer finger, then you point your hand like a gun and when you lift your pinky, the rubber band flies. They’re going down now! I just realized the humor of that…my SUPERVISOR is the one who taught me to properly shoot a rubber band.XD And all the people I work with are adults! I’m one of the youngest who works there and they act like kids! Heehee! You see how your parents are when you’re not around?

So, later today, I’m getting together with my boys to hang out and stuff. While on the phone with Gavin, he told me a joke that he came up with…and as you guys know, Gavin just comes up with these out of nowhere and his jokes are so lame, you can’t help but laugh so, here it is:
Gavin: “So, 2 monkeys are sitting around eating bananas. One monkey turns to the other and says, ‘Man, these bananas taste terrible!’ And the other monkey looks at him and says, ‘I don’t know, I find them rather a-peeling.’
Hahaha! Oh, so corny but I laugh.
Picture of the Day comes from Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion:

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