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Thursday, October 4, 2007

For those who have never heard Gacktís music before, you can click the player below to hear his latest song. This is from his newest single I was talking about yesterday where in the music video heís a Samurai. Very cool indeedith! I love in his music how he incorporates classical instruments into his songs. This song takes a few seconds before the main melody starts but thatís how Gacktís music always is. lol! Anywho, you can pause the player in my profile and push play below:

I had the day off today and I spend all day just working on the Manga Studio Ex program. I love the program! Itís such a great tool if you want to make more professional looking mangas. Iím working on that fan manga contest and Iím working really hard to make it look as good as possible. With the contest, it has to be based on the characters/story of the manga, Black Sun Silver Moon and it has to be between 1-4 pages. I think mine will be about 3 pages. I already have the ďscriptĒ written out and one page sketched.
So yeah, with the Manga Studio Ex, you can sketch your mangas right on the program but I prefer to sketch mine by hand with regular pencil and then just import them and work from there. Iíve gotten a couple panels completely done and I do plan on uploading the completed doujinshi once itís complete. But for now, I just wanted to show one of my completed panelsÖthis took me a long time to do but only because this is the very first panel in my doujinshi and this was my ďexperimentalĒ panel since I was just fiddling around till I figured out how to do stuff. lol! But I think thatís the best way to learn something new anyway, just fiddling! Hee! Anywho, hereís the first panel:

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