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Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Iíve been fairly busy the past few days. I got one page for the fan manga contest sketched! For those who donít know the fan manga contest, itís being run through Otaku and the Go! Comi publishers who have done such mangas as Tenshi Ja Nai, After School Nightmare, Cantarella, Crossroads and more! All you have to do is create a fan manga based on their manga called, Black Sun, Silver Moon and if you win, you get your fan manga published in the back of the actual manga! Sugoi!!! I had heard of this manga before but hadnít read it, so I picked up a copy and loved it! Itís one of those lesser known mangas that is actually very good. Kinda like the MeruPuri manga. So yeah, I got one page sketched and I think mine will be about 3 pages. Iíve been using my new Manga Studio Ex program to complete the page and Iím experimenting with the program since Iím still new to it.

Oh one thing that happened at work yesterday was a guest brought up a voucher to one of the cashiers and asked her if they could get 1 $10 and 10 $1. Well, the voucher was for $25 (bonks head) and the cashier said, ďYour voucher is for $25, how about 1 ten and 15 oneís?Ē And the guy replies, ďAiight, thatís straight.Ē What the?...huh? Dude, for one, the ghetto thing, LAME! And two, youíre in the countryÖnot the city, speak English! Sorry, I hate slang/ghetto talk. It makes my head hurt and ďthatís straightĒ is a new term to me. Iíll sometimes say something in ghetto language just to be stupid, not to be serious. That tight, hommies?

I had the night off last Saturday and I did nothing but watch Gackt videos all night! lol! I was bored and tired, wanted to watch videos on youtube just to pass the time and I somehow landed on Gackt videos and watched those for about 3 hours.XD Gackt has a new single album out though!! I saw the video for it and itís coolÖheís a Samurai! I downloaded the album and whee! Love the song. The new song is called, Returner: Yami no Shuen and it has classic Japanese music in the background. Very spiffy.
Picture of the Day is of Gackt-sama: *steals orange*

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