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Wednesday, September 26, 2007

The 2nd Death Note Movie finished downloading! Woot! When downloading a movie/video you always have to check a few things: 1)Video Quality Decent? (checked that, and perfect quality!) 2)Does the audio work and does it sync with the video? (checked that, perfect!) 3)Is it the full movie or has it been split up? (2 hours and 20 minutes, itís the full movie! YOSH!) 4)If itís a foreign movie, does it have subtitles and are the subtitles accurate? (checked that, YES! Perfect!) All those checked so now I can watch it. lol! Iíll be watching it later today since I have the day off. Woot!

Oh my goodness! Iím listed as a guest on the official New York Anime Festival website! *heart flutters* Adam e-mailed me showing me and Iím excited but nowÖso nervous! Iíll be holding a class that will show people how to color like I do and Adam and I have discussed the best way of doing it so weíre working that out. The con isnít even till December and I know, once Iím in front of everyone, Iíll be fine. Iím thinking of using my sketch of Mary Ann as the image to color in front of peopleÖobviously, Iíll have a completed line-art of that by then. Either that or the one of Estel, I havenít decided.
Oh yeah, if you want to see me listed on the NYAF page, click HERE! You can see a picture of me there too beside my name! Iím towards the bottom-ish under Lindsey Henninger.

The only thing that bugged me a little was on Adamís page, when he mentioned the reasons why I was chosen to represent Otaku, people started causing drama and saying the only reason why he picked me was because I knew Adam personally. For one, I donít know Adam ďpersonally,Ē I had worked with him on the Art of Otaku as well as when he asked for ideas on improving the art section of this site. When I went to the NY Comic Con last year, I did indeed, meet him but so what? Thatís not the reason why he chose me. Like he said, he chose me because he knows that I work my butt off and do things to the best of my ability and he likes the way Iíve treated people on this site and he knows that I pay attention to what people say on Otaku and if I notice people wishing for the same changes, Iíll mention it to him. So yeah, *thatís why I was asked, not because Adam shows favoritism because he doesnít. He treats people equally on this site so people need to stop trying to turn Otaku into a soap opera.XP
Picture of the Day comes from Code GeassÖI love this picture and it fits the new season:

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