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Monday, September 24, 2007

Thanks to those who checked out my latest drawing! If you havenít seen it yet, Iíd appreciate it if you would:

Anywho, Iím surprised a lot of you hadnít heard of the Death Note movie! But yes, it is live-action and there is a sequel (Iím downloading it right now. lol!). The movie was fairly well done and they did well matching actors with the characters. The actor who was L was excellent. He certainly studied the character well since he was a perfect L. Hereís a couple pictures:

Other then that, Iíve been working on more original characters for my manga. I finally got the other elf done! Sheís a she-elf named Ahlan and she helps cause some access drama amongst the crew! Hee! My main characters are Estel, Leetha, Ahlan, and Bug (a thief whom I shall upload into my gallery sometime in the future.XD)

Picture of the Day also comes from the Death Note Movie, you can see more of the characters/actors in this one:

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