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Friday, September 21, 2007

Iíve come to the conclusion that I canít stand common sense illiterate people and air heads. Thereís this woman I work with at the casino that is such a complete bimbo it makes my head hurt. I get some pretty air-headed comments on Otaku as well. Everyone knows the ones I mean, those people who it seems with anything you say, their reply is, ďI donít get itĒ or they ask you a question that you clearly already answered in your post. I understand that we all have our moments of, Ďduuuuuhí but thereís just some people that you want to give them a little shake and be like, ďitís not that complicated! Just *think* about it for a second and pay attention!!Ē Rant over.

So today, Iím meeting with a guy whoís going to print my artworks into a book! Itís not a ďpublishedĒ book, just a book thatís filled with my drawings that I can take with me and pass out to people. The main reason Iím doing this is since Iím a guest artist at the upcoming Anime convention in New York City, and thereís going to be a lot of publishers there, instead of just giving them a business card like everyone else, Iíll be like, ďHere, have a book of my artworks! I think that will help me stand out amongst the other artists which is important in this highly competitive field. The guy Iím meeting had seen my works in one of the art shows and thought my pieces would look great in a book and he showed me examples of the books heís published and they look amazing! And heís cheap too and itís no problem for him to print more books once I run out so yeah, Iím meeting with him today to go over what pieces I want to put into it and what style of book I want and such.

Other then that, Iím hoping to get the drawing for SessLover18 done this weekend and post it soon. *knocks on wood* Then, Iím going to work on the fan art contest as well as the fan manga contest that Otaku is holding. Iím going to try and get the fan manga one done first since that one is more important in my mind since the winner gets their fan manga published in the back of a real manga!
Picture of the Day comes from Inuyasha:

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