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Thursday, September 20, 2007

Iím getting a new car!!! Well, not a brand-new car but newish to me. My parents are buying themselves a brand-spankiní new Toyota Rav4 and so theyíre going to sell me their car very cheaply. Itís a Subaru Legacy GT and itís red and very pretty. I mostly want it though because itís a safer car then my Saturn and itís got all wheel drive which is very important here in upstate NY where itís very hilly and very slick during the winter months. Iíll show you guys a picture of it sometime to show off the Subaruís prettiness.

And thanks for those who checked out my wallie the other day! Itís true that I donít know of anyone else who has uploaded a dollfie wallpaper but I doubt Iíll make more since I originally did that wallpaper just for my own desktop but then thought it would be cool to upload here. And to answer some questions, yes, dollfies are very expensiveÖmore then youíd ever want to know. Yes, you can customize them to look how you want including if you wanted to make a Naruto or Inuyasha dollfie. And dollfies come in all different sizes. The ďteenĒ dollfies such as the vampire Ducan are considered ďsuper dollfiesĒ and those are the largest. I have a super dollfie Ducan and heís about 2 feet tall.
And speaking of Ducan, the winners of the contest that was held seemingly forever ago will be announced very soon. The 3rd judge had a bit of a family emergency so they didn't get the time to judge the pieces. They're in the process of picking their choices now.^_^

We had a rubber band shoot off today at work. It was me versus one of the cashiers. I realize my aiming of a rubber band stink!
Picture of the Day comes from RahXephon:

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