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Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Mushi mushi, Everyone! So, I uploaded a wallpaper earlier...I haven't uploaded a wallie in a really long time and the only reason why I even did this one was because it was late at night and I was tired so I didn't want to draw but wanted to do something kinda creative. lol! I don't tend to draw when I'm really tired because then I tend to make really stupid mistakes and if I make a mistake on a wallpaper, meh, you can always hit the undo button.
So yeah, you guys know how I have my Ducan dollfie? Well, the company that made my Ducan made a specialty version of him in demon vampire form! He looks so flippin' awesome but he's not for sale! He was only made for their "collection" and is on display and sold only at one special show! Feh! But, I loved this demon Ducan so my wallpaper is my fave images of him compiled together. You can just click the piccy below:

For those that don't know Dollfies, they're custom built Asian dolls that are very large, very realistic, and very expensive. lol! But they look like anime characters brought to life hence why they're so pet-worthy. *pets my dollfie*

I have a funny joke that my friend, Gavin came up with yesterday. You have to keep in mind, Gavin comes up with these jokes and sayings right from the top of his head out of nowhere and they're always so lame that you can't help but laugh. So here's what he says to me last night:
Gavin:"Hey did you hear about the orchestra that got really mad and started yelling and throwing food at the audience?"
Me: "....no."
Gavin: "Yeah, they lost their composer."
lol! Brillant. The Animaniacs would be proud.XD

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