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Sunday, September 9, 2007

Theme change! I like to change my theme every few months or so. This theme is based on my latest anime addiction which is, Code Geass: Leloch of the Rebellion. I was pretty much motivated to change it since I got in the mail today the Code Geass illustration art book and it came with the soundtrack as well as 2 posters! Yosh! And it only cost a total of $30! Go ebay!

Thanks to those who checked out my ďpimpedĒ version of Estel! It got a much bigger review on Deviant Art though. I blame the fact that if itís not Naruto, then people donít seem to care. Heaven forbid people draw ORIGINAL characters once in awhile. DA tends to be more welcome to OC work then here.
I went to the Outback Steakhouse today since itís my grandmaís 93rd birthday and she loves Outback! It was very yummy. They kept on screwing up my momís order though because she wanted a plain hamburgerÖas in nothing on it but meat since she canít eat cheese or sauces and stuff without having stomach problems. Outback kept putting stuff on it so she kept on having to send it back. They gave my mom her meal for free though.

Itís been storming all evening. If the electricity goes out, Iíll be miffed. Oh, and Iím working on another sketch of one of the main characters in my manga. There will be about 4 main characters, Estel and Leetha being 2 of them, and then thereís 2 more that tag along. The one Iím working on is the thiefÖwho my pal Angel, has already said is her fave character. Lol!
Picture of the Day comes from Tsubasa ChroniclesÖif anyone thinks the style looks familiar to my new theme, youíd be correct. Code Geass is also made by CLAMP:

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