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Saturday, September 8, 2007

Haha! Glad you guys have been enjoying my chibi diaries…especially the last one and just so everyone is clear, the nut’s guy plays on the whole “nuts” word on purpose. It’s said to sound innocent but it’s meant to be taken dirty…kinda like how the Animaniacs would play off words that sounded dirty but really weren’t. Like “pianist.”XD XD
My next chibi diaries will be put onto my post probably Monday or so. I haven’t even started the next part yet!

I uploaded a new drawing…well, sketch yesterday and if you guys could take a look, I’d be very appreciative:

I mostly want people’s opinions on this one because this is a new sketch of my OC elf, Estel…who I did the manga about with him being tied to the girl, Leetha and have also done some other drawings of…but I’ve never been satisfied with Estel’s costume design and overall look so I finally sat my butt down and “pimped” Estel to finally have a costume design that matches well….Estel! I think I finally got it with this one and I also changed his hair getting rid of the shorter bangs like most anime characters have, and giving him overall more elfy hair. I like this design a lot better then my old one but would like to know what others thought.

And thanks for the well-wishes about my wrist! Don’t feel too bad for me though, I’ve had wrist problems for many years. I had surgery on my tendons a couple years ago and it was a hope that it would cause my pains to go away, but it didn’t. The doc worried it was the beginning signs of arthritis (pathetic being in my early 20's w/possible arthritis) so I have a special cream I have to put on it and I’ve gotten into the habit of keeping my brace on it all the time except when I’m sleeping or drawing…or showering, duh. It was just earlier this week that it was really throbbing since I think I slept on it weird. And yes, I am left-handed and it’s my left-wrist that bothers me. Feh! But no worries, I’m a tough elf.^_^
Picture of the Day come from Naruto…not that you guys wouldn’t have known that…XP:

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