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Monday, September 3, 2007

Iím glad you guys liked my chibi diaries in my last post! This week will continue them. I wanted to update sooner but Iíve been very busy between working at the casino and doing the graphic design work for an upcoming art festival. Plus, today I woke up and my left wrist is completely killing me. Itís the one I had surgery on a couple years back and it will hurt once and awhile but I canít even bend it today. I think I must have slept on it at some point and the pressure just re-aggravated my tendons. Iíve put my brace back on so it will feel better quicker. So yeah, it may take me even longer to pop out these chibi diaries since I need to give my wrist a break now and again.

Anywho, onto the 2nd part of my chibi diaries when we went to the Renaissance fest and keep in mind these are super-quick sketches so donít expect hard-core pieces like I usually do:

I hope you all enjoyed them and the next set of chibi diaries will continue on our day at the Ren. Fest.^_^

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