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Monday, August 1, 2005

   Random Suray....really random and not simple at all...

To start the randomness off!

are you squishy?????????Yup! *poke poke*
do you have a pet monkey?of corse, his name is Madiline and he's purple, though he does have magical shape shifting abilities! *the best part is he can fly!*
I KNOW YOU HAVE ONE! WHAT COLOUR?!??!?!?!??um, didn't I say Purple.....
TELL ME NOW!I said purple! *runs away to cry in hence corner*
i have a sea cucumber. Do YOU?no, but I have a hedgehog!
I KNEW IT! yah, you stole him away!
I REQUIRE MORE PIGGIES!!!Then ask Gur, I'm shure he can replenish your supply
I KNOW YOU HAVE PIGGIES!!! RELINQUISH THEM TO THE DOOMSDAY DEVICE!!!I have no piggies! May Murphy make you pay for even asking...oh, wait, I do have one....YOU CAN'T HAVE IT! It's mine, mine I tell you, My Presious!
Are you a prep?God No! Kill the preps!
If you are, you suck.I'm not, but I would if I was one!
I have a loverly bunch of coconuts! Do you? .....you've already scared my mind with that song, must you continue???
Do you think this quiz is strange?No, you are.
If you do, your normal.That's good, cos I don't (think it's strange that is)
Its no fun to be normal.No, there is no fun in that at all! No....FUN!!!!
We should disect all the normal people.I've already started.....hummmm
IBET THEIR INARDS ARE SQUISHY!!!They are! *poke poke, squirt squirt* I SHOULDN'T have poked that....
THEY ARE!!! **not that I would know... cough cough**Well...I know...
This quiz is done.Noooooo! Now my life is meaningless!
are you happy its done?Why would I be happy, there's nothing more to do!.....
I thought not.Bored already!
Okay, We'll keep goingAll praise the guru and Caramon. But mostly Caramon for having this on the site!
When you were in 3rd grade and the piglets of terror knocked on your door and said give me back that taco, what did you say to it?I said that Raistlin had the taco, that's what really brought about the Cataclysm....the truth is out at last
Did you pass that test you didn't study for???all the time!
We are PERSONAL friends with invader Zim and Gurr.Yup, but mostly Gurr!
BWAHAHAHAHA!Mwahahahahahah-cough-ha-cough-haha-hack hack weeze weeze....*mone...*
Two Yahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhjhhh
One!no wait, I didn't mean it, come back!
ByeDon't leave me alone, I need something to do! SAve me.....


Just for Hil....

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NOoooooooo! Why always WHY!

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