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Thursday, June 9, 2005

   Harry Potter 6!

I finaly ordered the Harry Potter 6! I'm #413 in line when it comes out! There's also a Harry Potter night (sort of thing) downtown. I'm going with a friend and her family (most likly). She's dressing up as Luna Lovegood. I'm leaning towards Tonks (just so I can dye my hair bubblegum pink for a real reason!!! Rather than without one!) but I'm not completley shure. According to a group of friends (who arn't *coughcough the best sorces *coughcoughcough)I'm most like Fred. Not George...cos his name sounds "fat".(ok, right)

Which HP Kid Are You?

might be just a bit right...
(off to exorsise computer pop-ups!)

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