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Saturday, November 5, 2005

   And... It's that time again, folks!



Yes, we started our final grade 10 exam (the one that lets you pass) on Thursday.
Let me just say that the first two subjects that we wrote sucked ass.

Accounting and the first Biology paper.
Monday sees the second Bio paper... thankfully that one's on some work that I actually did well in.
The human anatomy and stuff.
What gets me though, is the inhumane amount of work we have to study, only to face a 150 mark test.

Well, I guess it could've been worse.

In any case, I was sorted into an exam class with some pretty decent people, - even the juniors seem to behave themselves - so studying beforehand goes pretty well.
We go to school, and study untill we have to write. Three breaks inbetween, and we finish up about 12:00, then we get a period to go find the teachers we had throughout the year and hand our handbooks in.

We go home at 12:25.
I swear, days seem neverending now...

So, how's life on that end?
Talk to me, peoples!

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