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Wednesday, June 13, 2007

My First Fan Manga
Ok Doods and Doodettes heres the deal I'm makein a Naruto Fan Manga Called "The Akatsuki Idiots"tm
It's basiclly just the Akatsuki Members Doing Extremelly Stupid things Like the Idiots we all know they secretly are It will br Hystaricl My Naruto Randomness Manga isn't quite finished yet I need to add the finishing touchs but back to Akatsuki idiots tm it's gonna feature all the akatsuki members includeing Satoshi (my O.c.)
if you would like me to add any of your Akatsuki O.C.'s just send me a charecter sketch or submit one on theotaku a I would also be very grateful if anyone wanted to give me ideas for charecter dialogue if anyone can think of any thing thank you very much

BTW,(Iforgot too put this last time) I reserve the right to this title it does not exist yet and if anyone copies it YOUR A FUCKIN NOOB YOU GOT THAT!!!!!!!!

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