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Sunday, June 10, 2007

ok I'm really bored right now and I've got nothing to do really but this so what's new with you guys me I have to go to summer school for 3 weeks so I'll be in algebra 1 and biology so I won't be behind all my friends well most of them at least since Nathan and Roosevelt are in all honors classes but I don't really care those are the genius classes I'm gonna be joining a few clubs and the newspaper and I made a deal with my sister that if all her friends in cross country got on their hands and knees and begged me (and gave me 5 $'s each) I would join cross country for at least a week so what about you guys for those of you who just graduated 8th grade what are your plans for highschool are you gonna join any clubs or sports in your freshmen year if so plz tell me alright see ya bye

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"In the world there are people who will do anything to reach their goal and people who couldn't care less"- Edward F. Burgess

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