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Wednesday, May 30, 2007

ok guys lots to talk about so bear with me ok

ok first things first I'm working on a naruto manga at the moment it will be roughly about 15-20 pages long and very funny it's just random people doing funny thingsall my friends at school think it's histarical it should be done around next week

next things about me and my friends well let's see nothings really changed Racheal (narutobrainiac) is still a klutzy moron Curtis (darkninja101) is still has a cat on his head steve (doesn't have a myo yet) is still....well....Steve. Mercedes (asagie) is still weird. Thats about it......o yea I forgot yesterday I almost got hit by a car and today I got cuts all over my face, legs and arms (I'll explain later and NO I'm not emo) I started reading Hayate the combat butler and I think thats about it

About school well not much we start graduation practice Friday and today for feild day we went to a skateing rink which was pretty awsome we were there for most of the day you should have seen Racheal she keept falling like every 5 miniutes it was really funny and this little kid got his head stuck in a railing in the libray today I feelt bad for him

Well I guess thats all later

PS commen sense is the most uncommen thing in the world

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