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Monday, May 28, 2007

Yes it's true my site has been totally CHIBIFIED!!!!!!!!!! the reason is that I've gotten so many chibi pictures and I've been drawing so many chibis lately so I've been really into it so yea it's now been chibifoed w00t
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Thursday, May 24, 2007

Dinner Dance
Well today is the day of my 8th grade dinner dance the only time of the year I will have to actually look nice. To answer any questions you'll probly have no I I'm not going with someone, I probly won't dance alot, I'm gonna sit at a table and hang out with my friends that are actually going

Well thats all for now see ya's


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Saturday, May 19, 2007

well it took a while but it's finnaly happened my first fanart drawing has gotten submittedjust look it up in original anime and tell me what you think
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Thursday, May 17, 2007

Explanation of Glass hole
ok so heres the explanaition of the glass hole joke my sister said that is was her and her freind Heather driveing some where and they saw a car with no back wind sheild and heather said "why don't you put some Glass in that hole glasshole" so there you go

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Wednesday, May 16, 2007

an update on the last few weeks
hey people whats up i've realised that I haven't really been talking about what I've been up to and whats happend to me in the last few weeks so here it is.

3 weeks ago- ok you didn't this from me (I'm supposed to keep this under my hat) but about 3 weeks ago one of my best friend's house causght on fire what happend was it was me denildude101 and our friend nathan (who dosn't have an otaku) were goin to devildude's house (his real name is curtis by the way) and we get there and we walk in and to our suprise his smoke alarm was going of he went upstairs to his room and said there was smoke so we went back downstairs let his dogs outside then we went back up to hos room and checked it out and his heater was tipped overon the ground and in ashs and all melted up so we went back down and we were gonna get some water to put on it he went up there and the ashs started on fire again. we ran out the house and he told me to call the fire dept. so I did and about 2 min. later they got there and started working on putting it out I waited there with him until it was gone so I was there for awhile. what sucks the most about it is that all the stuff in his room got charred but he's doing ok now he lives like 3 doors away from school now so I usually go to his house every day now.

the last 2 weeks-nothing really exciteing has happend these last two weeks really mostlly the same old stuff my friends are still morons I'm still doing more drawing then working at school I still hate Mike Tims (the person I said was plotting against me) and did I mention my friend are still morons. thursday last week I said someting in science that my friends Megan and Talia said it was the funniest thing i ever said I said "why don't you put some glass in that hole, Glasshole!!!" really I copied that of my sisters friend Heather Dun. I'll explain the story behind that that some other time. Oh yea one other thing thats been happening lately is that my friend Mercedes has been hugging me every day and it's starting to get anoying and she's been saying she "loves me" every time she did it and all this week Talia, Mercedes and Megan have been talking about their and I quote
"no-no zones" and Mercedes has been makeing Talia write stuff there but thats a whole other story all together.

Well thats whats happend in the last few weeks I know I have a weird life and weird friends but I'm sure everyone does in their own way.

Well thats it see ya

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Monday, May 14, 2007

   need ideas
hey ppl whats up I got a favor to ask from you guys I need some ideas for some original anime drawing if you have any ideas plz tell me them and I'll draw them and give you credit for it as well if you don't want to then don't if you don't mind then plz by all means give me your ideas thank you very much


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Sunday, May 13, 2007

   feeling better
hey everbody hows it goin well I'm feelin a lot better now then I did last week except I feel really bad about kicking my frienc in the ribs not knowing he had a heart murmur but I talked to him today and he's just fine so I can stop feelin guilty about that but I'm starting to rant now so I'll see you all later, Elric out
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Monday, May 7, 2007

   ...really upset...
......hey everyone how are you guys me I've got a ton of stuff running through my head I'm worried about my past my present and my future....but this is the first place I'vesaid it my best friend dosn't even knoe and I'll tell her anything thats wrong...the reason I'm worried is because I just realized that life can be taken away so easily and theres nothing we can do about it when that time gomes I may be atheist but I even understand and can comprehend the meaning of Life and Death. I probly won't be on for a week or two so don't bother checkin my site until then and like my backround says Don't mess with me you got that!!!!!! thank you

Edward F. B.

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Thursday, May 3, 2007

can someone plz tell me how to get music on my site I want to but the disgaea theme on there but I don't know how some one plz help out Laharl-san plz
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Monday, April 30, 2007

What I've been up to
hello it is I Elric330!!!!! AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA I bet your dieing to know what I'm up to so I'll tell you yesterday I got 3 new manga books yakitate japan vol.2 Disgaea hour of darkness and comic party they were all very good if I do say so myself the other things I've been up to is that me and my friends have been working on our original manga so far we've got the charecter sketchs and the front cover done the title is "Demon Boy" it may be simplistic but most great things in life are we've also been setting up stuff for a cosplay skit that we are going to film asap but we need money the parts we are all playing is mostly undecided I know I'm playing Garra and NarutoBrainiac is playing Temari but every one else is still undecidedI'm not giveing away the plots so don't try to get it out of me ok well thats all for now ttyl minons AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

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